MEAN Application

MEAN Stack is essentially a software bundle that can help developers build hybrid apps that are extremely efficient in the shortest amount of time. MEAN is an acronym for the four software used to build your website or app, they are MongoDB, Express.js, AngularJS, and Node.js, together they create a powerhouse of platforms that some of the best developers use to create the fastest and sleekest applications and websites on the market.JavaScript-based technology, MEAN stack is widely used by developers to build hybrid and feature-rich web apps. It is the combination of four powerful software development components they are

MongoDB is free and an open-source NoSQL database program that is used to create a scalable base and with flexible components.
ExpressJS is a JavaScript web application framework to build dynamic websites with efficient features. Express JS and nodeJS both are used as a server-side framework to deliver unmatched performance in web applications.

AngularJS is referred to as a client-side framework and specially used in front-end web development with great efficiency and potentially develop high-end web applications.
NodeJS is a free and open-source and cross-platform web development framework is used to build scalable web applications. It supports rich JavaScript modules and libraries.

These software components can be used effectively to design front end and back end development. It can improve the functionality of your website or mobile app. The simpler, yet solid framework of MEAN stack offers the time-tested mechanism for the transformation of data and information.


SPGON provides out of the box MEAN Stack development services. Our MEAN stack developers strive to build highly interactive websites and web applications along with dynamic features.

  • ExpressJS Design and Development.
  • AngularJS Design and Development.
  • Highly Responsive AngularJS web design.
  • NodeJS Development.
  • Porting to MEAN Stack.
  • Responsive Web App Development.
  • API Development and Integration.