Yii PHP Framework

Yii is an open-source component-based, high-performance PHP framework for building some of the large-scale PHP applications. You can develop these applications with rapid development speed. Yii is built around the Model-View-Controller composite pattern that is easier to use. Yii provides secure and professional features to build robust projects faster.

Yii’s greatest strength is performance. It’s capable of handling a fairly staggering number of requests per second, while its caching capacity is far superior to most of its competitors. Security, too, is a strong point, with a number of easily-accessible features to protect one’s site from cyber attack. Even better is the fact that once you’ve gotten the hang of things, Yii’s incredibly extensible; easily customized both through internal scripting and compatibility with third-party code.

Developers have been using PHP frameworks and Yii comes as an attempt to change the mindset of the developers with regards to such frameworks. Right from the point when Yii is installed in your system, it will automatically set the websites running in a fully functional way.

What is Yii?

Yii is a high performance, a component-based PHP framework for rapidly developing modern Web applications. The name Yii means “simple and evolutionary” which is pronounced as “Yee or Ji” in Chinese. The acronym of Yii is Yes It Is!

Why the Yii framework is Best?

The best part of the Yii framework is fast, secure, efficient, and flexible, yet it deals very sensibly and realistic. Yii is a generic Web programming framework and is used for developing all kinds of Web applications. Large-scale applications use component-based architecture and sophisticated caching support for developing applications like portals, forums, content management systems(CMS), Restful web services, e-commerce and so on.

How Yii Works?

In this step, we use a composer for installing with the basic template. Then you can run ./yii server.
Welcome Page
After running server, we get a welcome page template that includes MVC, Static pages, debugger, bootstrap UI, and many more.
Yii removes repetitive code tasks, and you are responsible for creative work. Designing the system to be built in terms of database. Migration is the best way to do this whole thing.
Gii Code generator
After the above migration is done, the code generator will generate the CRUD, models, and many more. All this can be used to customize the generated code as per our requirement.
Where To Go
The final step is to go to the documents, community, and extensions. There you are done with the Yii framework is ready to use.

Why the Yii framework is Compare with Other Frameworks?

Yii is not a one-man show, it is backed up by a strong core developer team, as well as a large community of professionals constantly contributing to Yii’s development. The Yii developer team keeps a close eye on the latest Web development trends and on the best practices and features found in other frameworks and projects. The most relevant best practices and features found elsewhere are regularly incorporated into the core framework and exposed via simple and elegant interfaces. If you’re already familiar with another framework, you may appreciate knowing how Yii compares:

  • High performance is always a primary goal of Yii.
  • Yii framework implements the MVC (Model-View-Controller) architectural pattern and promotes code organization based on that pattern.
  • Yii makes the code in a simple and elegant way.
  • Yii will never try to over-design things mainly for the purpose of following some design pattern.
  • Yii is a full-stack framework providing many proven and ready-to-use features such as query builders and Active Record for relational and NoSQL databases. It also supports RESTful API development and multi-tier caching and more.
  • Yii has the advantage of robust extension architecture; by this, we can customize or replace every core code.

Advantages of Yii Framework

Easy to Install

Time is extremely precious for web developers, and no one wants to spend that precious time waiting for complicated installations and configurations. PHP Yii is an easy to install framework without much hassle and troubles.

Utilize Modern Technologies

This pure OOP framework takes advantage of some of the more advanced features of PHP, which includes SPL classes and interfaces, late static binding, and anonymous functions.

Shorten Development Time

The repetitive task in most of the projects is something that no one wants to waste time with. There are a few tools in Yii to help you spend less time on those tasks, and more time customizing your application to suit the needs of your client. One of the most powerful tools among these is “Yii’, which a web-based code tool. This allows you to quickly create code templates for Forms, Extensions, Models, Extensions, Models, etc.

Highly Extensible

If seen virtually, all the components of this framework are highly extensible, and they are customizable enough to suit the needs of the user.

Facilitates Testing

Yii framework is integrated with Codeception, which makes Yii more desirable.

Simplifies Security

The crucial part of any web application is the security concern. Fortunately, Yii has some great features that help in combating with security threats. The Security application component of Yii including several methods help assist in creating a more secure application. It generates a secure hash from the password, which makes a random salt for the user, validates the password, and then generates a random string of any length.

Better Performance

Yii components are caching/Yii/cache. Whatever the standard API you use, these components will be helpful. The data migration utility provides reasonable control over the database changes, which helps in upgrading and downgrading application version on different installations. Applications based on Yii framework can perform better.

Error handling and Logging

Error handling and logging are done more nicely and can be filtered, routed and categorized to diverse destinations in YII framework.

Theming Mechanism

It has theming and skinning mechanisms capable of switching the appearance of a website that is built with Yii. In Yii, directory name will be theme name that is found in the same web root directory. At a given time, only one thing can be used/ active.

A bit about Latest trends

Yii has published the latest Yii Framework Version 2.0.22 which is a minor release of Yii 2.0 that includes two minor enhancements. Yii 3 will be the next major version of the Yii framework. A separate announcement will be made subsequently, but here’s a brief overview of the future:

  • A new architecture: The Yii framework has been split into several packages. This will allow you to pick the packages you need to compose your Yii application instead of installing one package that provides everything.
  • JavaScript-agnostic: With the reorganization of the source code, Yii will no longer tie you to a specific JavaScript framework. Core features of Yii have been rewritten to be jQuery-free.
  • PSR Compatibility: Yii 3 will embrace the PHP-FIG recommendations, and implement many PSRs: Logging, Caching, DI, etc.

Yii framework is a great choice if you guys are developing a website with a layered and structured design. This, along with its extensibility, error handling, and security features, makes it awesome for anything involving e-commerce website.

Author: Ramya Swetha Bandaru – HR Manager
Source: https:www.yiiframework.com, www.konstantinfo.com

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